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Zombeavers Trailer Clocks One Million Views

Just when you wonder where movie makers can go with Zombies they turn up something completely out of left field. Zombeavers is about a bunch of zombie beavers and it comes from the producers of American Pie and The Ring. The movie is currently showing at The Berlin Film Festival and the trailer has already clocked up over […]

Posted By admin in Movies on 11th February 2014

Are Zombie Movies The New Westerns?

In this the second part of Brian Yazuna’s interview with Horror Channel he explains how he feels about the popularity of Return Of The Living Dead and his thoughts about the current state of the horror movie industry. Q: Why do you think the film has built up such a loyal following? BY: Because it is a really […]

Posted By admin in Movies on 29th October 2013

Brian Yazuna Talks Return Of The Living Dead 3

Brian Yuzna is one of the world’s most prolific and respected genre film-makers and on the eve of Return Of The Living Dead 3 receiving its network TV premiere on the Horror Channel, Yuzna gives us some insight into the making of the film, news on the Society sequel and why he thinks Horror has gone too mainstream. […]

Posted By admin in Movies on 28th October 2013

The Evolution Of Zombies In Movies & Games

Zombies have appeared on the silver screen since the 1930s and more recently in game format on the smaller screens of consoles and smartphone. But how have the hordes of the undead evolved over time? Thanks to the lovely people over at Wish.co.uk, home of the Zombie Experience Day, we have this fantastic Infographic that shows how the […]

Posted By admin in Movies on 29th August 2013

Warm Bodies Trailer Released

2013 could well be the Year of the Zombie as following the trailer release of World War Z comes another zombie movie trailer. This time it’s for the romantic comedy Warm Bodies. The world has been taken over by The Living Dead but can love conquer all when zombie boy meets human girl? The movie is based on […]

Posted By admin in Movies on 11th November 2012