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Apply To Be A TV Zombie Apocalypse Survivor

BBC Three are currently looking for people to take part in a new programme called I Survived A Zombie Apocalypse. The cast will be put through their paces as they eat, sleep and breathe a realistic zombie apocalypse. They will be trapped together in a shopping compound surrounded by the walking dead. They will have to build friendships, […]

Posted By admin in Television on 9th July 2014

Zombies Hit New York For Walking Dead Prank

What happens when you place several “zombies” in a hole in the ground, cover it up with a grid and then let the folks of New York City walk over it… well the video below shows exactly what happens. It’s the usual zombie prank video with people jumping out their skin when they spot the zombies attacking them. […]

Posted By admin in Television on 7th February 2014

The Returned – Episode One Review

Due to holidays and what have you, Zombie Camp’s first look at The Returned was over two weeks since it launched on Channel 4. This French supernatural series focuses on the return of the undead to a small village and it’s effects these events have on the inhabitants. It’s been hyped as one of the hottest series of […]

Posted By admin in Television on 27th June 2013

Zombies Attack The Big Brother House!

What’s the difference between the latest Big Brother and World War Z? The answer is both have zombies and Zombie Camp hasn’t watched either. World War Z is obviously high on the agenda but due to ear issues heading to the Odeon to have the eardrums burst thanks to the delights of Dolby Digital Sound means a delay. […]

Posted By admin in Television on 25th June 2013

The Returned Debuts On C4 On June 9th

On June 9th Channel 4 will debut their new series The Returned, a supernatural crime thriller set in an Alpine village where the residents don’t know that they have been dead for years. The first episode called “Camille” sees the title character and another resident, Simon, return to their village having died years earlier. These French zombies (minus […]

Posted By admin in Television on 31st May 2013