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Zombie Experience Days

Interest in Zombie Experience Days started to build towards late 2012 when The National Media went nuts for the latest craze. The original experience of battling The Living Dead in a Shopping Mall was soon joined by locations in London, The Midlands and The North West.


Zombie Battle London
Cockney Zombies have taken over a Cold War Nuclear Bunker and in the words of Mickey Flanagan they’re doing a bit of peeping. You task is to join the SWAT Unit and send them back down the apples and pears. The experience takes place every Saturday and Sunday – although you can see the Zombies as extras every week in Eastenders.

Zombie Bootcamp Experience
Head to The Midlands and train in all aspects of dealing with the zombie horde. You’ll learn how to use a pistol, grenades and rifles plus how to tackle zombies hand to hand. Work in pairs and as team in two exciting missions that will have your adrenaline flowing.

Zombie Blitz
Another experience option for folks visiting or living in London – however this is an immersive experience as opposed to a shoot’em up one. You’ll be taken back to 1940 and the time of the blitz where you’ll find zombies are roaming under the tunnels below Waterloo Station. Prepare for a scare!!

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