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One Armed Man Zombie Prank Goes Viral

A few weeks back we posted up some Zombie Prank videos. Most of these showed someone dressing up as a zombie and then running amok to scare the public. However, the latest prank video that has gone viral is a little bit different. Nick Santonastasso was born with a rare condition called Hanhart Syndrome, but he’s not let his disability effect his sense of humour.

In the clip below, Nick scares a shopper in a New Jersey supermarket with a bit of a zombie bad behaviour!

And the boy is back in action – although he needs to watch out for those mop handles!

Nick’s friends would love it if he could appear on the hit TV series The Walking Dead. They have started am online petition to see if they can persuade Robert Kirkamn to make Nick’s dreams come true.

We’ll be keeping an eye on whether Nick does get the call to join the show or if he brings out more clips of his fun zombie pranks!

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Posted By admin in News on 13th December 2013

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