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One Armed Man Zombie Prank Goes Viral

A few weeks back we posted up some Zombie Prank videos. Most of these showed someone dressing up as a zombie and then running amok to scare the public. However, the latest prank video that has gone viral is a little bit different. Nick Santonastasso was born with a rare condition called Hanhart Syndrome, but he’s not let […]

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Colour Me Good Horror – Argghhhhhhh!

It’s been a while since I picked up a colouring book and to be fair it’s not something that’s ever been high up on my wish list. The Colour Me Good Horror describes itself as “the cool colouring book for good colourer-inners (as well as beginners)”. Now before you start adding this to your basket thinking little Rosie […]

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Zombies Make Their Way To South Wales

Zombie Camp spotted a flyer with the headline The Zombies! Apparently they’re on their way to South Wales in January. As it happens The Welsh are not about to be attacked by The Living Dead but the band The Zombies alongside The Animals will be in concert in Swansea and Cardiff. It’s part of a nationwide tour of […]

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Kirsty Wark Zombie Dances Off Newsnight

Zombies can show up in the most unusual of places, but at Halloween they’re pretty much everywhere. Even so you’d not expect the hordes to end up on Newsnight. However, at the end of the show on 31st October presenter Kirsty Wark warns viewers to “be careful out there” before being joined by zombie dancers doing the popular […]

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Are Zombie Movies The New Westerns?

In this the second part of Brian Yazuna’s interview with Horror Channel he explains how he feels about the popularity of Return Of The Living Dead and his thoughts about the current state of the horror movie industry. Q: Why do you think the film has built up such a loyal following? BY: Because it is a really […]

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