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Zombeavers Trailer Clocks One Million Views

Just when you wonder where movie makers can go with Zombies they turn up something completely out of left field. Zombeavers is about a bunch of zombie beavers and it comes from the producers of American Pie and The Ring. The movie is currently showing at The Berlin Film Festival and the trailer has already clocked up over one million views on Youtube.

If you’re familiar with films like Sharknado, Piranha 3D and Lake Placid then you’ve pretty much got Zombeavers – with beavers taking the lead “baddie” role. A bunch of American Teens go away together and this offers plenty of opportunity for bikini shots.. and some Carry On humour with regards to beavers. Then things go fruity loop when the beavers turn into zombies and cause all kinds of mayhem!

At present the film doesn’t have any distributors so it wouldn’t be a surprise to see it either go straight to DVD or appear on the Syfy Channel in the not so distant future. It will probably pick up a cult following and spawn sequals as well as other zombie + animal features.

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Posted By admin in Movies on 11th February 2014

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