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Zombie Claus Panto From Absolute Radio

Christmas is a bit different for David Tennant these days. Once upon a time he’d be taking the headlines as The Doctor in the Doctor Who Christmas special! However he’s long left that role and despite a revisit to the role in the 50th Special, Tennant is happier doing other things… like being a zombie.

He teamed up with Shane Richie and the folks over at Absolute Radio for a Zombie Claus video. It’s a panto type thing and if you’re expecting a horde of brain numbing zombies in action then you’ll be disappointed. It’s a vidoe of the radio play! Note it’s about 26 minutes long and we haven’t watched it all as the bits we did see were… well… a bit rubbish.

Oh no it isn’t! Oh yes it is.

What ever you make of it… it gives us an excuse to wish all Zombie Camp visitors a Merry Christmas. If you do watch Zombie Claus then let us know what you think.

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Posted By admin in News on 24th December 2013

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