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Zombies Hit New York For Walking Dead Prank

What happens when you place several “zombies” in a hole in the ground, cover it up with a grid and then let the folks of New York City walk over it… well the video below shows exactly what happens. It’s the usual zombie prank video with people jumping out their skin when they spot the zombies attacking them.

The video is a prank to highlight the return of The Walking Dead – it’s back for the second half of season 4 in the states from 9th February and the clip below explains what viewers can expect. It seems that the prison is going to be left behind and the human survivors will be taking to the road again.

The new half-series looks quite exciting, but what we don’t quite understand is this… if people have watched the series then why when confronted by zombies trapped underground do they just laugh and walk on by? What if it was a real zombie attack – forget about the laughing and make for the hills or better still sort them out… that’ll serve the pranksters right (although we’re not quite sure how it would hold up in court.. “Sorry your honour but I blew half a dozen zombies away in an attempt to preserve humanity, how was I suppose to know it was a publicity stunt”)

The second half of the fourth season of The Walking Dead begins February 10 at 9pm on Fox UK.

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Posted By admin in Television on 7th February 2014

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